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Choosing meat from Voronezh

Recently, Rosselkhozbank, a partner of Zarechnoe Group, launched the Svoe Rodnoe campaign in support of domestic products, whose face was Arkady Novikov. The famous restaurateur advertised meat from Voronezh in the bank’s video. A communication campaign to promote food products from different parts of the country is gaining momentum.

The Zarechnoe group (the producer of the PRIMEBEEF marbled beef brand) has been cooperating with the Novikov Group restaurant holding since the launch of the meat cluster in Voronezh. The Novikov Group team was one of the first who visited the feedlot and the Zarechnoe meat packing plant. Following the visit, Arkady Novikov admitted: “A lot of people in Moscow are already talking about the best meat from Voronezh, in all restaurants the chiefs proudly say that they have Voronezh meat. What I’ve seen today is an investment of not only large financial resources, but forces, ideas and thoughts. As a restaurateur, I believe that our restaurants should have the best meat, and the best meat is from Voronezh.”

Being a pioneer of beef cattle breeding in Russia, Zarechnoe’s team proved to market participants that the country has a worthy manufacturer and premium quality product. The company directed its efforts not only to production, but also to the promotion of meat culture. Since then, a community of like-minded people has rallied around the brand’s ideas.

Well-known restaurateurs, brand chefs and simply lovers of food believed in PRIMEBEEF and became ambassadors, telling their acquaintances and partners about the product. PRIMEBEEF is a premium brand of marble beef from Voronezh.

Rosselkhozbank is the backbone bank of Russian agricultural producers. With its assistance, Zarechnoe Group launched a full-cycle meat cluster. “Voronezh land has long been famous for high-quality farm products. The leading place in this series is occupied by Voronezh meat largely due to the special approach to breeding, fattening and raising animals on our own farms in our region. The meat showcase is presented by manufacturers of various levels, both large and small farms, which are mostly our clients, ”says Galina Abrichkina, director of the Voronezh branch of Rosselkhozbank (agroday.ru)