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The practical seminar at the Zarechnoe meat processing plant

In Zarechnoe meat processing plant, from February 26 to March 22, 2021, especially for the production managers, the company’s management organized an information and practical seminar on an overview of the general principles of food production hygiene in relation to production processes. The main goal of this event was to involve the plant employees in the process of product quality assurance and compliance with internal and legal requirements.

At the information and practical seminar, topical production topics of ensuring control over production processes were raised, incidents that could lead to the release of low-quality products were dealt with. The influence of each employee of the enterprise involved in the production process on the production of high-quality and safe products, the responsibility of each employee at his workplace for the overall effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System.
At the end of the seminar, all involved employees of the enterprise passed the final testing and received certificates.