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Steaks were fried at Gastroville

Senator, three-time Greco-Roman wrestling champion Alexander Karelin, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Alexei Gordeev, General Director of Zarechnoe Group Sergey Nitsenko and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AEROEKO Group of Companies Vladimir Maslov cooked steaks from marbled meat. The event took place on September 4 as part of the Voronezh agricultural fair at the Gastroville site, which brought together all of Zarechnoe Group of Companies’ friends (the teams from Primefoods, Primebeef Bar, Primebeef Academy worked here). The invitees had to learn the wisdom of frying Striploin Primebeef TM and Durok marbled steak. The vice-speaker of the State Duma put on the festival’s trademark apron and made grilled vegetables: eggplants, zucchini and peppers.

– What is your favorite vegetable dish? – the presenter asked Alexey Gordeev

– Vegetable stew. It is my wife who cooks it best, and I wash the dishes, the politician admitted. During the frying, the guests were talking about healthy eating, including the benefits of meat, agriculture, sports and other topics. Then Alexey Gordeev and all the participants of master – class went to treat the spectators of the Gastroville Hall.

Based on materials from the press service of Правительства Воронежской области.

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