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Zarechnoe Group of Companies at “Prodexpo-2021”

Zarechnoe Group of Companies took part in the international exhibition “Prodexpo-2021”, which was held from 12 to 16 of April 2021 in the Expocentre (Moscow). We are confidently following the plan to expand the presence of our products in retail and in the regions of the Russian Federation. The restrictions in the context of the pandemic had a double effect for business: on the one hand, restaurants went online, and on the other hand, food retail was at its peak. This in many respects strengthened the trend for the growth of interaction with federal networks and the distribution pool.

During the period of the marble beef market recovery, the Zarechnoe Group of Companies chose a strategy of promotion through promoting the culture of proper consumption of premium quality meat and finding its followers in the HoReCa segment. Famous restaurateurs and brand chefs, relying on their experience and faith in the product, began to promote it, attracting new customers. In parallel, the company was looking for ways and building a model for selling a premium product in retail through a distribution network. Today, among the official distributors are the leading suppliers of meat products Prime Foods, Meridian, Dary Artemis and others.

Zarechnoe Group of Companies , being a pioneer in the marbled beef market, took on a mission to promote the culture of meat consumption. The partner of the company at the exhibition was the PRIMEBEEF Academy (founded by Ilya Nitsenko) – a unique educational center for everyone, where he teachs how to work with quality meat the way it deserves. Ilya Nitsenko leads the avant-garde of PRIMEBEEF brand evangelists. At the Prodexpo exhibition, his followers (the Academy’s chefs) arranged a demonstration master class for the guests of the Zarechnoe exposition. Tastings of steaks and burgers were held with increased excitement. The task of the “lecturers” was not to sell the product, but to fall in love with it. Also at the stand of the exhibition of Zarechnoe Group of Companies was presented an exclusive distributor, the company “Prime Foods”. This company is one of the largest suppliers of marbled beef for Moscow restaurants.

Exposition guests positively and loudly admired the Voronezh marbled beef, usually referring to their previous experience with the product: “If the meat, that only from Voronezh! If beef, that only PRIMEBEEF!

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