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«Zarechnoe»’s day in Voronezh State Agrarian University.

The meeting with Voronezh State Agrarian University’s students with a potential employer LLC “Zarechnoe” was held in the University.

The meeting began with introducing of guests and the company. Representatives of the company told the students about the divisions of holding, the technologies which is used and the prospects for the development of agriculture. “The main value of any enterprises is people. We build a personnel policy on mutual respect and trust,” told to the students the HR Director Irina Kosova. – Zarechnoe is a long been partner of the Voronezh State Agrarian University. This cooperation allows to the students to make the right choice in their life, not only in professional growth, but also in self-development.”

“The company is building a corporate culture that allows talented youth to succeed, become part of the team and work together as efficiently as possible. Also today, in the context of global transformation, highly developed behavioral competencies of candidates are becoming especially important criteria in the selection of candidates. For example, openness and willingness to change, flexibility of thinking, managerial courage, focus on results,”added Olga Botvina, the head of the personnel selection, training and development department.

At the end of the speech, Yakov Krainov, the deputy director of the Fidlot structural unit, shared his story: “Like you, I studied and graduated this faculty of veterinary medicine. As the most of all, the profession interest had not awaken in me immediately, but appeared only in 3-4th courses of study, when we began to teach majors and field training sessions. Already in the institute, I regretted that the practical training has began only in the fourth year, not earlier, because close contact with animals gives an understanding that you are doing what you like. The professional interest and love help to achieve your goals. The veterinarian develops comprehensively: you analyze the work of preventive measures, draw up therapeutic schemes for treating livestock, and independently and daily contacts with animals. Their gratitude during recovery brings precisely joy from the every day work you do with love.”

At the end of the meeting, our holding employees wished the students to be bolder in choosing their path, not to look for easy solutions, to overcome the difficulties, not to stop and be the best in this profession.

The success of the development and future career depends, first of all, on the youngest specialist. And the successful future of the company depends on employees.

Students of the second, third, fourth courses of the specialized areas of training “Veterinary Medicine” and “Zootechny” received an invitation to undergo practical training, and the graduation courses – an invitation to their employment. During the practice period, they will have to get acquainted with the basics of the company’s corporate culture, study functional responsibilities, and get their first job skills of this profession.

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