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Friends, Zarechnoe celebrates its anniversary. Ten years ago, the Angus Genetics Center hosted the first Russian auction of Aberdeen Angus breeding bulls brought to the Kaluga Region from the USA. This was the beginning of a large project in the Voronezh region. Here’s what happened next:

  • 2011 Construction of the first farms of the Zarechnoe’s group began in the Kamensky district of the Voronezh region.
  • 2012 – 2013 The construction of the farm and the feedlot has begun in the Ramon district.
  • 2014 The construction of a meat processing complex with a capacity of 150 tons of semi-products per shift was completed. The production and sales of Primebeef premium quality marbled beef has begun.
  • 2015 The production and sales of “Zarechnoe” grass-fed farm beef has begun. The first in Russia meat boutique “Zarechnoe” in the Central Market of Voronezh has opened.
  • 2016 A division of wholesale and retail trade “Prime Foods” was established in the following areas: restaurants and catering, chain retail, retail Moscow / St. Petersburg. The Zarechnoe boutique has opened in the Voronezh international airport, and the Meat Cult street restaurant has appeared in the city center.
  • 2017 the transaction for the purchase of Stevenson – Sputnik was completed, due to which we were able to increase the number of our own herd of more than 70,000 Black Angus. The first Primebeef Bar opened in Moscow, and by the end of the year, the Primebeef Meat Boutique had opened . Now there are six bars in the network (5 in Moscow and 1 in Kaliningrad).
  • 2018 Obtaining a certificate and selling Halal products. In preparation for entering the international level, an office and distribution warehouse was opened in Moscow on Ryabinovaya Street.
  • 2019, the Meat Processing Plant was certified for the supply of products for export. A culinary school and Primebeef Academy store opened in Moscow.
  • 2020 Prime Foods launched its own production and sale of semi-finished products. A company store was opened at the meat-packing plant in the Voronezh region.

Hundreds of buyers choose Zarechnoe products every day.
We have been working for you for 10 years. Thank you, our clients, partners and guests, for your trust!

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