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25 Primebeef marbled beef containers will go to China.

June 8, 2021, Zarechnoe and Shandong Hi-Speed Airport Logistic Development Co. Ltd. (a subsidiary of Shandong High Speed Group of China (SDHS), the largest state-owned enterprise in Shandong province) signed the first contract for the supply of 675 tons of Primebeef marbled beef.

According to this agreement, until October of this year, the Zarechnoe meat processing plant will ship the entire volume of 28 positions of cuts of carcasses of corn-fed gobies. Shipping from the warehouse will start in June. Delivery to Jinan, the capital of Shandong province, is carried out by the buyer’s transport. In the near future, the parties are considering increasing the volume of supplies, including Zarechnoe brand grass-fed beef.

Konstantin Polevoy, commercial director of Zarechnoe LLC, noted:

“Establishing a partnership with such a significant partner can be a catalyst for attracting other leading Chinese companies. For two years of work with China, four trading companies have entered the number of our regular customers, and there is definitely a potential for expansion. We believe that the reliability of deliveries of a consistently high quality product for a couple of years allows us to count on the promotion and strengthening of Zarechnoe’s positions in the Chinese market. We are convinced that a good business reputation is the key to success in the Chinese market. ”

Wang Ziyin, SDHS* Development Director, said:

“Zarechnoe is one of a narrow circle of Russian producers who have passed certification for the supply of beef to the PRC. For at least five years, imports of Russian beef to China will continue to grow at a high rate, so we were looking for a long-term partner. With the Zarechnoe team, we quickly found constructive solutions in order to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Today there is no doubt that marbled meat from Voronezh is a worthy alternative to Australian grain-fed marbled beef. Even if the situation on the Chinese market changes, Zarechnoe will keep and strengthen its positions. “

*Shandong Hi-Speed Group Corporation is a state-owned enterprise in Jinan, owned by the government of Shandong province. The corporation is engaged in investments, construction and maintenance of expressways, bridges, railways, rail transit and harbors; shipping and logistics. The corporation has contributed to construction; in the production of building materials; in the information sector, in the sector of finance and real estate, which are integral business components of the company.
More information at sdhsg.com.

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